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Does CBD in skincare really work? 

Interested in how CBD plays a big role in keeping your skin radiant and healthy? It has an amazing impact on the complex process of aging. Today you will have a chance to get to know useful tips on how to slow it down.


If you see more and more wrinkles, fragility, sun spots, deep lines, or other marks on your skin, this is a signal that your levels of collagen and elastin are decreasing. When that happens, your skin is not as capable of healing itself as it used to be. It simply becomes thinner and more delicate!


How does CBD reverse the signs of aging?


Until not so long ago, people believed that the answer here should be focused on vitamins C and E. Studies proved that CBD might actually be a more powerful antioxidant than both of them!


Free radicals cause collagen to break down faster, and antioxidants slow down the process of loss. As an outcome, your skin looks more youthful, firm, and strong. Cannabinoids are helpful for managing dry skin. To sum it up, CBD can really benefit aging skin and help it to look naturally refreshed.

Does it really work?


We can call 2008 a year of breakthrough discovery. A study expressed a connection between endocannabinoids and oil excretion in sebaceous glands. It turned out that the lack of skin's ability to produce as much oil from its tiny gland is one of the reasons for more dry and fragile skin with age... Now it should be clear why our fine lines and wrinkles are getting more and more visible!


CBD is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, essential in relaxing our body and calming it down. Lower internal stress levels show brilliant effects with all the fine lines and wrinkles not being so obvious.

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What is the secret of CBD?


As one of around 100 various cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, CBD is known as a phytocannabinoid. But did you know that the human body naturally produces its own cannabinoids? These are known as endocannabinoids, throughout the endocannabinoid system, or ECS.


Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters, and they bind with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body and brain. They are crucial in regulating equilibrium and a multitude of internal functions... Yes, including sleep, appetite, mood, hormones, immune system, fertility, reproductivity, pain sensation, memory, and more! You need to admit how important it is to support them.


The endocannabinoid system is unique because it functions multi-directionally. Whether your body has a lack of cannabinoids present or a surplus, it will find a way to regulate it. However, sometimes it can't produce the right amounts needed, and this is where the phytocannabinoid can be introduced to improve functionality!



How to use CBD for anti-aging?


If you are aiming to use CBD for anti-aging, do your best to purchase cannabidiol in a potent extract form, easy to be used orally as drops or capsules. Additionally, you can test the topical CBD creams, with high dosages, and apply them directly to your target areas. Such a great idea for reducing wrinkles!

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So is CBD safe?


CBD is an extract from the marijuana or industrial hemp plant. You don't need to be worried as it has no psychoactive effects! This is a brilliant option for those of us willing to manage certain medical conditions without feeling high or experiencing an altered mental state.


Whether you are young or a bit older, you can still consume CBD. However, we need to be mindful that this extract is not legal in every part of the world. In the United States, it is legal as long as the raw material comes from doesn’t contain THC in higher amounts than 0.3%.

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